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Cut shape also affects diamond size

Oval, Emerald, or Pear: Find the Perfect Match for You

When picking a lab-grown diamond, the shape can make a big difference in how big it looks and how it fits your style. As these diamonds become more popular, it’s important to know how different shapes affect the stone’s appearance. Whether you like round, oval, emerald, or pear-shaped diamonds, choosing one that matches your style and makes a big visual impact is key. In this article, we’ll explore the most popular lab-grown diamond shapes, see which ones look the largest for their size, and help you match the shape to your personal taste and lifestyle.

What Diamond Shapes Look the Largest?

When shopping for a lab-grown diamond, many people want to know which shapes will give them the most size for their budget. While the carat weight is the main factor that determines a diamond’s size, the shape can also affect how large the stone appears. Let’s explore the factors that influence the perceived size of a diamond.

Factors That Affect How Large a Diamond Looks

  • Table Size: The table is the flat top surface of the diamond. A larger table can make the diamond appear bigger.
  • Depth: The depth of a diamond is the distance from the table to the culet (the bottom point). A shallower depth can make a diamond look larger, as more of the carat weight is spread across the surface.
  • Cut: The cut of a diamond can also affect its perceived size. A well-cut diamond will have better proportions and symmetry, which can make it appear larger than a poorly cut diamond of the same carat weight.
Cut shape also affects diamond size

Shapes That Appear the Largest

In general, elongated shapes like oval, pear, and marquise tend to appear larger than round or square shapes. This is because they have a larger surface area relative to their carat weight. Oval and pear-shaped diamonds can look up to 20% larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight.

Visual Tricks to Make a Diamond Look Bigger

There are a few visual tricks you can use to make a diamond appear larger:

  • Choose a thinner band: A thinner band will make the center stone appear larger in comparison.
  • Opt for a halo setting: A halo of smaller diamonds around the center stone can create the illusion of a larger diamond.
  • Consider a three-stone setting: Side stones can add visual width to the center stone, making it look larger.

Ultimately, the shape you choose should be based on your personal style and preferences. However, if you’re looking to maximize the perceived size of your lab-grown diamond, considering shapes like oval or pear, along with the visual tricks mentioned above, can help you get the most impact for your budget.

How Can Oval Diamonds Make Your Stone Look Bigger?

Oval diamonds have become increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. This elongated shape is stylish, elegant, and has unique features that make your diamond look bigger than it is.

Why Oval Diamonds Look Larger

One of the key reasons oval diamonds look larger is their length-to-width ratio. This ratio compares how long the diamond looks to how wide it is. A well-cut oval diamond will have a ratio between 1.3 and 1.5, which creates a longer, more flattering appearance. This elongated shape can make the diamond look bigger than a round diamond of the same carat weight.For more information about oval diamonds, read our guide to oval diamonds.

Another factor that makes oval diamonds appear larger is their bigger surface area compared to round diamonds. This means more of the diamond’s carat weight is visible when you look at it from the top, giving the impression of a larger stone.

Oval Lab Diamond

How to Wear Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are versatile and can be set vertically or horizontally. Popular settings include:

  • Solitaire: A simple band showcases the oval diamond’s beauty and size.
  • Halo: A halo of smaller diamonds around the oval center stone makes it look larger.
  • Three-stone: Two side stones, oval or another shape, make the oval center stone appear wider and more eye-catching.

If you want a lab-grown diamond that looks bigger while remaining fashionable and sophisticated, an oval diamond could be the ideal choice.

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds a Good Choice for Looking Larger?

Emerald cut diamonds are a classic and sophisticated choice that can make your stone look larger. Their unique rectangular shape and stepped facets set them apart from other diamond shapes.

Why Emerald Cut Diamonds Appear Larger

Emerald cut diamonds look larger because of:

  • Elongated shape: The rectangular shape makes your finger look longer and slimmer.
  • Bigger table size: The flat top surface is larger than other shapes, making the stone seem bigger.
  • Stepped facets: The long, rectangular facets draw your eye along the diamond’s length, creating the illusion of a larger stone.

Picking the Right Emerald Cut Diamond

To make your emerald cut diamond look as large as possible:

  • Choose a length-to-width ratio between 1.3 and 1.6 for a flattering, elongated look.
  • Go for a higher clarity grade since imperfections are more visible on the large, open table.
  • Pick a simple setting, like a solitaire or three-stone, to show off the long lines of the emerald cut.

How to Wear Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds have a timeless, sophisticated look that works with many styles. To style your emerald cut diamond:

  • Pair it with a thin, delicate band to emphasize the diamond’s size and shape.
  • Think about a halo setting for extra sparkle and to make the center stone look larger.
  • Wear it vertically to elongate your finger and show off the diamond’s length.

Emerald cut diamonds are a great choice if you want a lab-grown diamond that looks larger and has a classic, elegant style.

What Makes Pear-Shaped Diamonds Look Bigger?

Pear-shaped diamonds, also called teardrop diamonds, are a unique and eye-catching choice that can make your stone look bigger than it really is. With a rounded bottom and a pointed top, pear-shaped diamonds mix the best parts of round and marquise shapes.

What Makes Pear-Shaped Diamonds Look Larger

Pear-shaped diamonds look bigger because of:

  • Longer shape: Just like oval and emerald cut diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds are elongated, making the stone look bigger than a round diamond of the same carat weight.
  • Bigger top view: You can see more of the diamond from the top compared to the carat weight, making it look larger.
  • Pointed tip: The pointed tip adds visual interest and draws your eye along the length of the stone, creating the illusion of a bigger size.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds vs. Other Shapes

When compared to other diamond shapes, pear-shaped diamonds can look larger for the same carat weight. A 1-carat pear-shaped diamond might look similar in size to a 1.25-carat round diamond because of its longer shape and larger top view.

How to Style Pear-Shaped Diamonds to Look Bigger

To make pear-shaped diamonds look bigger and show off their unique shape, try these styling tips:

  • Point the tip up: Position the pointed end towards your fingertip to make your finger look longer and the stone appear larger.
  • Use a halo setting: Add a halo of smaller diamonds around the pear-shaped diamond to create the illusion of a larger center stone and add extra sparkle.
  • Include side stones: Place side stones, like trapezoids or smaller pear shapes, next to the pear-shaped diamond to make the center stone look wider and larger.

If you want a unique and eye-catching lab-grown diamond shape that can also make your stone appear larger, a pear-shaped diamond could be the ideal choice for you.Read our blog post to learn more about pear-shaped lab-grown diamonds.

Perfect Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring at BrilliStar

Now that you know how different lab-grown diamond shapes can make your stone look bigger, it’s time to find the perfect piece that showcases your favorite shape. BrilliStar offers a stunning selection of engagement rings featuring oval, emerald, and pear-shaped diamonds that are sure to catch your eye.

If you love the elongated elegance of oval diamonds, the Lab Grown Diamond Exquisite Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring is a beautiful choice. This classic three-stone ring features an oval center stone flanked by two sparkling side stones.

Lab Grown Diamond Exquisite Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring

For those who appreciate the vintage charm and sophistication of emerald cut diamonds, the Lab Created Diamond Artisanal Emerald Three Stone Ring is a timeless option. This exquisite ring features an emerald cut center stone accompanied by two emerald-shaped side stones.

Lab Created Diamond Artisanal Emerald Three Stone Ring

If you’re drawn to the unique and visually striking appearance of pear-shaped diamonds, the Lab Grown Diamond Aphrodite Halo Engagement Ring is a breathtaking choice. This ring features a pear-shaped center stone encased in a halo of dazzling diamonds for a truly glamorous effect.

Lab Grown Diamond Aphrodite Halo Engagement Ring

All of these stunning engagement rings from BrilliStar feature lab-grown diamonds that are certified by the IGI, ensuring the quality and beauty of your chosen piece. Whether you prefer an oval, emerald, or pear-shaped diamond, BrilliStar has the perfect ring to make your lab-grown diamond look larger and more spectacular than ever.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Lab-Grown Diamond?

Choosing the right lab-grown diamond shape can make a big difference in how large your stone looks and how well it fits your style. Whether you like ovals, emerald cuts, or pear-shapes, knowing how each shape changes the look of your stone can help you pick the best one. Things like length-to-width ratio, surface area, and how you wear it all play a role in making your diamond look bigger and better. BrilliStar has a great selection of engagement rings with these popular shapes, so you can easily find the perfect lab-grown diamond for you. Why wait? Check out BrilliStar’s pieces today and find the ring of your dreams!

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