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What Is Lab-Grown Diamond Clarity? 2024 Revealed!

What Is Lab-Grown Diamond Clarity? 2024 Revealed!

Diamonds dazzle with enduring allure, cherished for their unparalleled brilliance symbolic of life's treasured moments. As the premier gemstone, the diamond's exotic origins and perceived scarcity traditionally commanded premiums placing them in exclusive reach. But emerging technologies now grow diamond crystals in laboratories that rival earth-mined gems in near flawlessness. This fabrication phenomenon brings diamond clarity under the loupe to evaluate distinctions.

What is Diamond Clarity?

Diamond clarity specifically refers to internal blemishes present called inclusions, along with external surface defects. Formed unpredictably deep underground over eons, inclusions resemble birthmarks - traces of the diamond's origins. These mineral deposits or fractures are captured within the crystal structure as diamonds form under intense heat and pressure.

Most mined diamonds contain some degree of inclusions or surface flaws either visible to the naked eye or only under magnification. But unlike their irregular natural counterparts born of chaotic geologic variables, lab-created diamonds boast unparalleled consistency in optimizing growing conditions for virtual perfection.

What Affects Diamond Clarity?

Diamond clarity refers specifically to internal characteristics present called inclusions, along with external surface blemishes. Inclusions resemble tiny birthmarks, capturing minerals or fractures within the diamond as it formed.

Gemological institutions like GIA have universal clarity grading standards assessing:

  • Size- How large inclusions are relative to the diamond's dimensions
  • Number- Total inclusions present
  • Relief - How easy or difficult inclusions are to see based on contrast with the diamond background and surrounding facets
  • Position- Location of flaws relative to central or peripheral zones
  • Nature- The type of inclusion, feathers, clouds, knots, etc.

IGI Lab Diamond Clarity Scale:

While some buyers appreciate minor internal irregularities unique to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamond clarity offers unmatched consistency in optimizing growing conditions to remove visual interruptions. This grants them exceptional brilliance unhindered by disruptive inclusions.

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How Lab-Grown Diamonds Achieve Flawless Clarity?

In replicating the improbable natural forces that create diamond rough over eons, lab processes like HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) or CVD (chemical vapor deposition) precisely control the critical factors facilitating crystallization unlike chaotic earth variables:

  • Consistent, optimal pressure squeezes carbon starting material
  • Uniform heating accelerates restructuring
  • Regulated ambient elements prevent contamination
  • Pure, isolated growing environment

This precision facilitates uniform crystal growth uninterrupted by shifts causing strain or inclusions. The resulting diamonds emerge unadulterated by internal flaws or minerals that would otherwise invade their structure, unlike natural diamonds forming irregularly around debris.

The controlled conditions of lab diamond production enable flawless clarity unachievable through natural means. As explored in the article "Which Lab-Grown Diamond is Better, CVD or HPHT?", modern technology like CVD and HPHT allows for precision tuning of key factors like pressure and temperature. This facilitates uniform crystal growth undisturbed by contaminants that would otherwise cause inclusions. By replicating nature's forces in a pure isolated environment, man-made diamonds can reliably form with exceptional clarity exceeding nearly any diamond sourced from the earth alone. The technological mastery over diamond formation processes allows flawless gems impossible through uncontrolled natural variables.

Lab-Grown vs Natural Diamond: Clarity Differences

The central clarity distinction between lab-created and natural diamonds lies in controlled consistency. While every mined diamond's clarity differs based on unique geologic factors influencing its individual formation, laboratory methods surgically eliminate variability for unparalleled reliability.


What Is Lab-Grown Diamond Clarity


More specifically:

Aspect Natural Diamond Lab-Grown Diamond
Clarity Spectrum Flawless to Heavily Included Typically Higher (often VVS/VS)
Influencing Factors Geologic factors, location, pipe integrity Controlled temperature, pressure, elements
Clarity Control Random variables affect clarity Precise control over clarity factors
Inspection Individual inspection required Consistent quality; less inspection

Natural Diamond Clarity Inconsistencies

  • Spans the entire clarity spectrum from Flawless to heavily Included
  • Based on distinct locations, pipe integrity, and surrounding materials that could invade during the development of underground
  • No control over random variables that affect flaw generation
  • Each stone requires individual inspection for clarity grade

Lab-Grown Diamond Clarity Consistencies

  • Precisely regulated fabrication process controls clarity-determining factors
  • Temperature, pressure, and ambient elements optimized to minimize defect development
  • An isolated growing environment prevents external contamination
  • Results in reliably clean stones exceeding eye-visible VVS/VS clarity reliably
  • Significantly exceeds the natural probability of mining comparably flawless diamonds

So, while minute irregularities appeal to some buyers as clues to a diamond's natural origins and unique story, lab-grown diamond clarity offers technologically optimized flawless brilliance unhindered by disruptive birthmarks. This grants them exceptional optical consistency to let innate radiance shine.

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Common Clarity Inclusions in Lab Diamonds

On the rare chance an isolated defect manifests in a lab diamond, possible inclusion types resemble:

  • Needles- slender mineral deposits like rutile
  • Clouds- planes saturated with microscopic pinpoints
  • Crystals- small aggregated mineral clusters
  • Feathers- slender fractures, sometimes carrying invaded materials
  • Pinpoints- sharply defined tiny white specks

These occurrences differ from natural diamond inclusions based on controlled growing conditions rather than random earth variables. They also tend to manifest from isolated, temporary fluctuations rather than sustained transforming pressures in nature.

So, for shoppers who prioritize brilliance devoid of visual distraction, lab diamond reliability in achieving very good to impeccable clarity across carat sizes outpaces hoping to strike jackpots scoring comparable quality from irregularly generated mines. Science tenaciously triumphs over chance to serve market-worthy clarity.

How Clarity Affects Lab-Grown Diamond Prices

With the ability to control clarity consistency exceeding natural probability through optimized crystal fabrication, elevated clarity grades have a less rarity-based impact on lab-diamond values compared to mined counterparts.

However, some variability in achieving flawlessness does affect pricing across production factors:

  • Proprietary Methods- Subtle process differences controlling clarity
  • Size- More inclusions possible in larger carats
  • Colors- Some hues less clarity-friendly

But broadly, valuation weights cut quality and color much more heavily than clarity for lab-grown diamonds given the overall reliability of achieving very clean stones through science.

Guidelines for Choosing Lab Diamond Clarity Grade

Considering the above factors including reliable fabrication purity, the savvy shopper should balance investment across the 4Cs for lab-grown diamonds, rather than overspending to pursue FL bragging rights with invisible improvements. Excellent to very good clarity grades certify stunning cleanliness to appreciate a diamond's sparkle and color fully, without paying premiums for microscopic flawlessness.

Prioritize visible beauty and performance balancing cut and clarity while using lower clarity to increase size budgets. If selecting D-F colorless ranges where clarity is more visible, consider higher clarity of VS or above. For tinted color grades below G, clarity plays a lesser role since hues naturally mask inclusions where present. Evaluate multiple diamonds across clarity grades using camera imaging to identify eye-clean picks spanning budgets.

Lab Diamond Clarity Grade

The Future of Lab Diamond Clarity

As laboratory diamond production technologies continue rapidly advancing, engineered clarity consistency stands to keep improving progressively beyond even current flawless benchmarks.

Conversely, natural diamonds face inherent limitations in achieving comparable flawlessness given finite yielding reserves still producing widely inconsistent stones as pressures decline over time.

Further innovations on the lab-grown front promise exciting developments:

Expanding Production Scales

  • Potential to grow cultured diamonds over 10 carats reliably absent of inclusions
  • Unlike stringent individualized inspection and lucky sourcing natural diamonds exceeding 1 carat without flaws
  • Greater economies of scale to meet market demand for sizable high-clarity gems

Enhancing Consistency

  • Stricter process controls to minimize aberrant defect development
  • Tighter clarity variance across manufactured diamond types
  • R&D investments improving crystal perfection

So, while mined diamonds face escalating challenges securing premium clarity from irregular origins, science steadfastly streamlines diamond fabrication yielding brilliant futures with predictable purity.

As methods advance, high-volume flawless diamond production capacities seem increasingly bright beyond scarce and random mining probability - heralding cultured diamonds as clarity's eminent luminaries redeeming diamond dreams.

The Takeaway

Lab-grown diamonds disrupt diamond conventions redefining perceived clarity limitations through science. Their mesmerizing flawless brilliance opens access to substantial gems not otherwise abundant in nature.

By understanding how achieving reliably clean clarity in the lab facilitates budget balancing other factors like cutting for discerning shoppers, the clarity paradox crumbles away to crystallize timeless sparkle in an ethically sound, consciously created gem.

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